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How much does the integrated customization of Guangdong industrial robots cost?

how much does the integrated customization of Guangdong industrial robots cost?

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how much does the integrated customization of Guangdong industrial robots cost?

the second edition of modern mechanical design manual is a modern large-scale mechanical design tool book that conforms to the new requirements of smart equipment design made in China 2025, with advanced technology and reliable data, It covers modern mechanical parts and transmission design, intelligent equipment and control design, and modern mechanical design methods. How much does the integration customization of Guangdong industrial robots cost?

the Institute of automation has not only done a lot of basic research, but also completed two rounds of prototype production. However, at that time, domestic industrial enterprises were still very backward, lacking awareness of AGV and almost no relevant demand. From 1991 to 1996, it was the most difficult period for the development of AGV in China. During this period, many AGV R & D personnel changed careers, and the industry was even more depressed. By the 1990s, we must meet the requirements of a] and b] as much as possible. With the development of the automotive industry, foreign industrial robots have also entered the golden age. Under the tide of reform and opening up, foreign capital is the key. If God designed our arms into six degrees of freedom, the movement of people turning the key

the second edition focuses on strengthening mechanical intelligent product design (3D printing, intelligent parts, energy-saving components), intelligent equipment (robots and intelligent equipment) control and system design, modern design methods and Applications, etc

modern mechanical design manual has 6 volumes, of which volume 1 includes basic information of mechanical design, part structure design, mechanical drawing and geometric accuracy design, mechanical engineering materials, connectors and fasteners; How much does the integrated customization of Guangdong industrial robots cost?

Volume 2 includes the design taboos of shafts and couplings, rolling bearings, sliding bearings, frames, boxes and guide rails, springs, mechanisms, mechanical parts, belt drives, chain drives; Become more capable in the harsh industrial environment. For those manufacturers who have strict requirements on the return on investment, they will adopt more cooperative robots. Robot automation has had a revolutionary impact in the field of manufacturing, and is expected to promote the digital transformation of manufacturing in the next few years. The continuous development of industrial IOT, big data analysis, virtualization and other technologies will help robots better integrate into manufacturing applications. Key concepts: ■ a little bit in the future can achieve the goal, and it takes that effort to turn the whole thing cool...

Volume 3 includes gear transmission, reducer, transmission, clutch, brake, lubrication, sealing

Volume 4 includes hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission and control, pneumatic transmission and control; How much does Guangdong industrial robot integration customization cost?

Volume 5 includes intelligent equipment system design, industrial robot system design, sensors, control components and control units, and motors; The breach also provides strong support for improving people's lives. Under the catalysis of industry 4.0, the market demand for industrial robots continues to increase, and the scale of the robot market has increased significantly. It is estimated that the global robot market size may reach US $29.82 billion in 2018. From the analysis of the global robot market structure in 2018, the industrial robot market size will account for 56%, while the service robot and special robot will account for 31% and 13% respectively. At present, industrial robots have been found in cars and gold, and the original 7 degrees of freedom are the true restoration of human arms. Human arm (wrist joint to

Volume 6 includes mechanical vibration and noise, fatigue strength design, reliability design, optimization design, reverse design, digital design, ergonomics and product modeling design, innovative design, green design.

the new version of the manual starts from the actual needs of mechanical designers in the new era, pursues modernity, takes into account practicality, versatility, accuracy, and covers all kinds of conventional and general mechanical design technical resources It implements the latest national and industrial standards, recommends advanced, intelligent, energy-saving and general-purpose products at home and abroad, and embodies the compilation style of convenience and ease of use. Before, simple mechanical bodies can be copied for learning. Nowadays, a complete set of industrial robot system including algorithm, control and hardware is difficult to imitate and surpass, which has very high requirements for the reliability of robot products. International leading enterprises have accumulated decades of experience. For domestic enterprises, he also cited such a painful exploration process. " At present, the application fields of robots in China have involved 39 industries of the national economy, But "at least in the future, the only joint that will rotate in China is the rotation of the wrist. As for why the human arm is 7

modern machinery design manual" It can be used as a reference book for mechanical equipment R & D, design technicians and relevant engineering technicians, and also for teachers and students of relevant majors in Colleges and universities. How much does the integrated customization of industrial robots in Guangdong cost?

a professional and authoritative editing and reviewing team

ensures the accuracy, practicality and progressiveness of the content data.

the modern machinery design manual has a strong lineup. Most of the editors and reviewers come from the front line of machinery design, production and manufacturing, teaching and scientific research, and have deep theoretical foundation in design and rich practical experience in design and scientific research. The editors in chief of each article are well-known experts in their respective fields and have extensive influence and popularity in the industry. Transportation robot, palletizing robot and other types. Application: the current waste of industrial machines in China is combined with the supply and demand situation at home and abroad and the industrial development trend. The plastic recycling rate is not high. The device is applied to the automatic production line, which uses the automatic equipment dominated by industrial robots to complete some or most of the work on the production line, such as handling, sorting, loading and unloading, assembly, welding, spraying, testing, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of reducing personnel use and realizing production automation, Its highest form is a smart factory combining automation technology and information digitalization technology. 4、 It seems that what China's industrial machinery says is not the same thing, but the number =1, so I can screw this one degree of freedom

the participating units are the State Key Laboratory of mechanical transmission of Chongqing University, the State Key Laboratory of mechanical vibration of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest University of technology, Northeast University, Jilin University, Zhengzhou University Luoyang Bearing Research Institute and other dozens of well-known universities and research institutes, with more than 200 editors and reviewers. This professional and authoritative editing team ensures the accuracy, practicality and advanced content quality of the manual. How much does Guangdong industrial robot integration customization cost

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