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How much can Wu merchants get for a marathon gluttonous meal

I will participate in three marathons this month, and the preparation, accommodation and transportation may cost nearly 10000 yuan, which has not been calculated specifically, because compared with healthy health, these expenses are nothing at all. Xu Yan from a unit in the urban area has participated in two marathons in Wuxi and Chengdu. After the competition in each city, she is used to staying in the local place for one night, having a massage in the evening, enjoying the local scenery after sleeping in, browsing the alleys and tasting delicious snacks, and then returning to Jinhua with satisfaction

not only in major cities, but also around citizens, Lanxi, Jindong and Hengdian marathons have been held one after another, and the race economy has been heating up. Whether it is the title sponsor, contestants or viewers, they have obviously felt the strong upsurge brought by sports competition. In this blue ocean of the event industry, city brands have attracted running enthusiasts from all over the world with the help of products + event two wheel drive, while also realizing the leading role of the sports industry in stimulating consumption

the economic boom of the event is spreading

20 the inspection proportion will be greatly reduced. 19 Jindong greenway Zhejiang marathon team race, the original 1500 half marathon places were fully registered in two days, and an additional 300 half marathon places were fully registered. A reception working group was established to fully assist in docking with the participating teams and guests, and promote the orderly development of relevant work

just last weekend, Yi fitness chain also hosted a cherry blossom race in Sanjiang and Liuan in the urban area. Although it was a corporate behavior, it also attracted more than 200 citizens. Focusing on the consumption of sports goods, local governments and relevant businesses have made great efforts to match the competition services and the soaring consumption boom of sports fitness, which has driven the rapid growth of sports fitness consumption. Hosting marathons has been the routine work of many local governments every spring. At the same time, guide commercial enterprises to seize opportunities for development and provide high-quality, honest and safe services. Sports associations, catering associations, marketing associations, tourism associations and other organizations have also taken positive actions to advocate industry self-discipline, high-quality services, show the image of the city and make business brands

although the scale of the marathon is expanding, it is not easy to participate in the marathon because it is a popular event. Fitness enthusiast Lao Du told him that he didn't sign up for the Wuxi marathon this year. The participation scale of 2019 Xima has expanded to 33000, an increase of 3000 over last year, but nearly 120000 people have signed up this year, of which the winning rate of the whole marathon is only 21%. During the event, the total economic benefits generated by foreign spectators and athletes are about 200million yuan, of which accommodation accounts for more than half, which shows the economic attraction of the event

open a new pattern of the sports industry

recently, the hotel occupancy rate in Dongyang Hengdian town is extremely hot. Hotels near the hengma competition area were gradually booked three months ago. Holding sports events is an effective way to improve the image of the city and promote the economic development of the city. Events bring new capital inflows to the host, including hotel, catering, transportation, intermediary services and other service industries, as well as polyamide oil pan test samples under the condition of injecting 120 ℃ high-temperature engine oil, which is only the most visible and tangible part of the event economy. After the increase of local residents' income caused by sports events, residents will consume part of the increased income in the local economic system, which will have a more far-reaching impact on the local economy

the upcoming Jinhua mountain 100 kilometer cross-country challenge and the Xinfan Township Yixing conference in Wucheng District are all under intense preparation. Wang Xuesong, Secretary General of Jinhua Cycling Association, has smelled the spring breeze brought by the event industry to Jinhua: in previous years, more were deployed, and now Jinhua's sports industry is undergoing great adjustments, starting to transform from the enlightenment stage to the direction of popularization and competition, Let us see a huge blue ocean. For us, it is both an opportunity and a challenge

Yongkang hardware industry, once confused by low prices and counterfeiting, has also begun to roam in the business sea of event economy. Zhejiang Feijian industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has made a special cup for events. The R & D department has applied many lightweight technologies for the outdoor sports industry, explored a new R & D, production and sales system, and the event economy has fermented a strong momentum

the disposal income will be used to pay the relevant expenses of endowment insurance in priority. The competition will be staged and the economy will play a part. Leveraging the economic lever with sports events is the marketing mystery of modern event economy. Holding a marathon not only shows the contestants the impression, taste, connotation and culture of the city, but also improves the functions of many cities. More importantly, the marathon was held with the participation and support of the general public. The government did not play a monologue, which is also an important way to improve urban civilization and social governance. Please take out the spare fuse and install it. Song Yongjun, vice president of Jinhua home appliance e-commerce Circulation Association, said: with the popularity of leisure sports culture all over the world, the consumption and manufacturing industries of sporting goods in our city have suddenly warmed up. Combined with commercial operations, the competition economy has been fermented. Relying on the advantages of landscape resources and the leading role of the sub venue of the Zhejiang Asian Games, more people will re understand Jinhua City and drive the rapid development of the city's sports and leisure industry. This newspaper Fang linghang

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