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How much do you know about the necessary dust detector on the construction site

answer: Yes, according to the relevant documents, from January 2017, all construction sites must be equipped with dust detectors, and some areas require video joint dust detectors to facilitate the management and real-time monitoring of the Construction Committee. It is a hard regulation from the construction commission to equip the construction site with dust meters, and there is an increasing trend of strict supervision

2. What items can the dust detector detect

answer: the dust detector can monitor PM2.5, PM10, TSP (total suspended particulate matter), wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental data. Generally, 121 silicone building sealant on the dust detector display shows real-time PM2.5 data and real-time noise data

3. The dust detector on the construction site has been alarming. To what extent should the air quality meet the national requirements

answer: places such as environmentally friendly flame retardant materials, low volatile materials, wear-resistant/scratch resistant materials, low-noise materials, etc. belong to class II areas, which should meet the level II concentration limit requirements of the national standard GB 3095-2012 ambient air quality standard. Class II areas refer to areas other than nature reserves, scenic spots and other areas requiring special protection, including residential areas and industrial areas

the specific requirements are as follows:

4. How to buy a dust detector with appropriate price

answer: different types of dust detectors use different principles to detect suspended particles in the air. Some use light scattering principle for detection, and others use β The price of the latter is several times higher than that of the former, and the accuracy of the detection is not much different. If there are budget requirements, you can consider purchasing light scattering type

in addition, to purchase a dust detector, you also need to understand the specific requirements of the local construction committee to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. Dust monitors are divided into stand-alone version and network version. In some regions, the Construction Committee requires all construction sites to install network dust monitors

5. In addition to dust detectors, what other industrial opportunities and assistance equipment may be needed

answer: in addition to dust detectors, dust removal spray machines, engineering car washing stations, tower crane spray systems, etc. may also need to be purchased

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