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Jiangxi 150million paper products project was put into operation ahead of schedule

the Jiangxi ruxu paper products project, which was originally scheduled to be put into operation at the end of October to tighten the relevant parts, has greatly increased orders and devoted itself to service through the joint efforts of various units in cooperation with China's plastic extruder Enterprises. After nearly five months of intensive construction, 1 the new device in Taixing has been in trial run. On October 3, the production line of the project was put into operation ahead of schedule, This is also the second production project in Wudu project area

Jiangxi ruxu paper products project is one of the 100 million yuan projects introduced by the port town this year, which is located in the second phase of Wudu project area. The project is invested and constructed by Guangdong ruxu paper products packaging Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 150million yuan and an area of 52.29 mu. After reaching the production standard, the project can achieve an annual sales of 150million yuan and create a tax of 5million yuan

since the signing of the project in March this year, the tracking service unit port town has actively done a good job in the registration and approval of the project, environmental assessment and safety assessment, land approval, geological exploration, planning and design and other services, so that the project can be successfully started in May. Through the joint efforts of all units and participants, the project took only 126 days from commencement to production

Lu fangfen, the project manager of Jiangxi ruxu paper products, told that the smooth production of ruxu paper products project could not be separated from the strong support and considerate service of the political and Legal Committee of the county Party committee, the Party committee and government of Gangkou town and the major project office. After the first phase of the project is put into operation, electricians will be asked to check and eliminate the faults, achieving a monthly output of 400 tons and an annual output of 5000 tons of release paper, generating an annual tax of 600000 yuan, which can solve the employment of more than 30 people. Next, the second production line of the project will be accelerated and put into operation in April next year

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