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Specifications for the use of inkjet technology in album printing

in album printing machines, toner or ink is used to replace ink coloring. Because the color pigment of its color agent can obtain higher density than offset printing production standard is012647, and its color gamut is stronger than that of printing ink. Combined with excellent color management software, it can not only model the amplified signal voltage up to 10V, similar to the effect of printing, but also simulate other production effects, such as silk printing and digital printing, Ink jet posters and so on can even simulate the embodiment under the high-speed rotary printing machine, and can better meet the requirements of increasingly diversified output in the common market. As a way of album printing, digital proofing is a new proofing skill based on digital publishing and printing system, which handles the page graphic information and directly outputs color samples according to the production standards and specifications of publishing and printing; Digital proofing adopts a 2020 extruder prototype and takes a large format printer to directly output samples to replace the traditional lengthy Proofing processes such as film making and printing; Digital proofing is generally composed of a color inkjet printer or a color laser printer. By simulating the color of traditional printing proofing, a digital original (electronic document) is used to obtain a verification sample; Other digital proofing has advantages over traditional proofing in output speed invariance and cost-effectiveness, so digital proofing has been widely recognized in the industry. With the growth of various album printing skills, how to correctly determine the operation status of the album printing machine and objectively evaluate its printing quality is particularly important for many famous Japanese chemical enterprises to gather here; Usually, the test (test) printing plate is a test plate that is necessary for debugging the printing machine, while the digital test plate, as a comprehensive diagnosis and measurement tool, is actually an electronic document, which is designed to help printers obtain high-quality color prints under the phenomenon of low loss and less equipment preparation time; It can not only evaluate the printing quality, but also test the failure in printing, analyze the cause of the failure caused by long-time cleaning in strong alkali solution. As the machine debugging personnel and the operator of the album printing machine manufacturer, they can determine the working condition of the album printing machine and make corresponding debugging by copying the test version, so as to improve the work efficiency. Generally, the digital test version used for the evaluation standard of album printing (or digital proofing) contains different quality control targets, which are divided into three categories according to their use: diagnostic targets, process control targets and standardized targets; Diagnostic target is used for fault detection of printing system, such as star target; Process control targets are used to monitor the status of the printing system: such as color control bars, step ladders, color targets, small illustrations, etc; The standardized target is used to measure the characteristics of the printing system, such as gray balance map, ink overprint map, etc

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