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Jiangxi blocked the "sky high price" moon cakes

the annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Under the current background of advocating economy and opposing flashy waste, how to "slim down" the packaging of moon cakes this year will become the focus of attention. On August 2, more than a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial economic and Trade Commission, the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, and the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision jointly issued a notice demanding that the moon cake market be standardized and that "sky high" moon cakes and other undesirable phenomena be stopped. Business operators shall pack the moon cakes produced and sold in a reasonable way, and use non-toxic, harmless, degradable or recyclable materials to reduce the excessive use of packaging materials. When producing and selling moon cakes, business operators shall not tie in commodities in any form to infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; Moon cakes shall not be mixed with other products for packaging and sales

Since the mid-1990s, with the improvement of people's living standards, the trend of refined, high-grade and tasteful moon cake packaging has become increasingly obvious. In order to win the favor of consumers, moon cake packaging pays great attention to its versatility, appreciation and adaptability. Packaging has become an important means for well-known enterprises to attract consumers, and also adds beautiful colors to China's food culture

however, in recent years, some "sky high price" moon cakes, which are buried in gold and silver, have appeared one after another and are becoming more and more intense. According to the newspaper, in Zhengzhou, a pure silver moon cake named Huahaoyueyuan weighs 1 kg, with 56 natural gemstones embedded on it, priced at 6900 yuan; In Tianjin, a so-called gourmet mooncake is priced at 99999 yuan. Seven of the eight mooncakes are made of edible gold foil, abalone, shark fin, bird's nest, etc., and the other is a pure titanium "moon cake" weighing 500 grams. Although the economy of our province is underdeveloped, it is common to see moon cakes with super luxury packaging and high prices on the market. Luo, manager of the food department of Nanchang department store, said that the practice of tying tea, famous wine, pottery and tableware in the packaging of moon cakes has become increasingly popular. Through this "packaging", the "value" of moon cakes has soared. Last year, the price of a moon cake in the department store was as high as 1800 yuan. The antique wooden box, exquisite and beautiful silk interior, and the box contained high-end wine, wine glasses, gold-plated knives and forks and other items unrelated to the moon cake, while the moon cake was only 4 pieces

it is understood that in the past, the outer packaging of ordinary mooncakes generally did not exceed the value of mooncakes. In the early 1990s, the value ratio of the outer packaging of ordinary mooncakes to the mooncakes in boxes became 1:1, and the packaging of luxury mooncakes even reached 2:1. At present, the price of a box of moon cakes, the value of the outer packaging accounts for 70%, and some more. It is not uncommon for packaging to be more expensive than content, and expensive than beads

heavy packing

people from the provincial Environmental Health Department said that every two to three days after the festival, there would be a peak of discarding moon cake boxes everywhere. Except for iron boxes, most paper and wooden moon cake boxes are put into the garbage compressor together with ordinary domestic garbage, and then transported to the landfill after treatment

although ordinary consumers feel it's a pity to abandon luxury packaging, it really has little effect to keep it. Most people will throw away or sell moon cake packaging boxes as waste. This treatment method is a great waste compared with the cost of manufacturing moon cake boxes

it is a new type of impact testing machine that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, the annual cost of China's baking industry on moon cake packaging is as high as 2.5 billion yuan. According to industry estimates, the annual cost of moon cake packaging in our province is also more than 10 million. For every 10million boxes of moon cakes, 400 to 600 trees with a diameter of more than 10 cm need to be cut down for packaging consumables, which is equivalent to a large area of forest

why is there such excessive packaging? A piece of moon cake, no matter how fine it is made and how carefully it is selected, costs only a few yuan, and a box of moon cakes costs dozens of yuan. According to insiders, at present, the gross profit of ordinary moon cakes on the market is only 15% to 30%, while the gross profit of luxury moon cakes may reach hundreds of percent. The profit margin of packaging is far greater than that of moon cakes. Especially, luxury packaging can greatly increase the price of moon cakes and bring excess profits

a consumer once angrily asked, "are we spending money on moon cakes or packaging?"

at least a few hundred yuan, often thousands or thousands of yuan. In this exaggerated "packaging", the final "bill" is still the consumer. In response to the problem of excessive packaging, consumer rights and interests protection organizations have proposed that where the packaging volume significantly exceeds 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost significantly exceeds 30% of the commodity, it should be judged as "commercial fraud" that infringes on the rights and interests of consumers. Lu Xiaoping, Secretary General of the provincial consumers' Association, said that over packaging is not only a huge waste of social resources, but also consumers are difficult to understand the quantity and quality of goods in the packaging, and are easy to be cheated. He called on relevant departments to pay attention to the excessive packaging of commodities, including moon cakes, and make mandatory regulations as soon as possible, both from the perspective of protecting consumers' rights and interests and from the perspective of building an energy-saving society

improve the quality of moon cakes

most of the moon cakes sold in the market in Jiangxi Province are from other provinces. In addition to the profit factor, the reason why manufacturers are keen to produce moon cakes with ultra luxury packaging is to use its high added value to lengthen the sales radius, so as to reduce the risk coefficient, which is also the reason why the display interface can display the experimental method

from March 20 this year, Shanghai began to implement China's first method to "slim down" the excessive packaging of moon cakes - the Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes. All moon cakes produced and sold in Shanghai will not use wood and other expensive materials to make moon cake boxes; Do not put other goods in the moon cake box; The total packaging cost of each box of moon cakes shall not be higher than 20% of the retail price of each box of moon cakes

the head of the Provincial Packaging Association said that the notice of the four departments in Jiangxi Province is indeed necessary to regulate the moon cake packaging market, but the operational national standards for moon cake packaging urgently needed by the market have not been issued, and Shanghai's measures can also be used for reference in our province. It is learned that the relevant departments are currently formulating the national standards for moon cake packaging, which are planned to be issued in October this year and implemented next year

because tie-in sales are not allowed, moon cake manufacturers will face a situation of reduced profits. Many moon cake manufacturers began to think about "fillings" and varieties, that is, high-end products will play a more protective role in the competition of the internal quality of moon cakes

from this year, Qiao jiazha and other major moon cake manufacturers in Jiangxi Province will no longer tie-in cigarettes, alcohol and other interior items. In order to improve the quality of moon cakes, Qiao jiazha invested 2million yuan to buy the country's most advanced stuffing production line. The application of new special powder, special oil and fresh-keeping technology and modern stuffing, molding, baking and packaging technology will greatly improve the product quality. The overall quality level of moon cakes this year will be improved compared with previous years, and the variety of product designs and colors will also increase by more than 10. Low calorie, low cholesterol, low sugar "green moon cake" will become the focus of moon cake enterprises to promote this autumn

insiders pointed out that saying "no" to luxury packaging will help promote the moon cake industry to embark on a benign and healthy development track, and ultimately benefit the majority of consumers

believe that a piston extends into the bottle without touching the bottleneck source: Dajiang Jiangxi

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