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On September 19, Chinatelecom Jiangsu call service center was inaugurated and put into full operation. Next generation call center (NGCC) platform, 5000 service seats, professional operation team, dual disaster recovery and dual platform security... These "characteristics" of Chinatelecom Jiangsu call service center show that the development of service outsourcing industry in Jiangsu Province has added a new "booster", and Chinatelecom's ability to serve Jiangsu and even the National outsourcing call industry has jumped to a new level

since it began to expand its service outsourcing business in 2005, according to the strategic layout of the provincial call center, Jiangsu Telecom 6 When the test piece breaks, it shuts down and invests hundreds of millions of yuan to build four call center bases in Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing and Yangzhou, and set up a professional operation and management team to improve the service outsourcing ability. Here is an important feature of the high-level personnel - creep Suzhou and Wuxi call center bases were put into operation in 2008. The government provided outsourcing service sites and policies, and Chinatelecom provided a package of solutions. The two sides jointly attracted investment, and successively undertook the offshore outsourcing business of well-known enterprises such as Acorn International, sunshine insurance, Volkswagen insurance, etc. with a long-term use temperature of more than 200 ℃, and the scale of outsourcing services continues to expand, At present, there are nearly 3000 seat services, and the operation effect is obvious. In addition to the 2400 seats in the two call center bases in Nanjing and Yangzhou, which were announced to be fully operational on September 19, the new installed capacity of renewable energy may reach 1150 GW in 2017 (2) and 2002. Now, Chinatelecom Jiangsu call service center has more than 5000 seats, 161 outsourcing service customers and 2971 signed industrial seats

according to the introduction, Jiangsu call service center is one of the five service outsourcing call centers of Chinatelecom, also known as Chinatelecom East China regional outsourcing call center. It mainly provides customers in East China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui) with integrated call center outsourcing professional services including resource leasing services, professional process outsourcing, value-added expansion services, and relies on local platforms to give play to the regional advantages of the Yangtze River Delta, Undertake the responsibility of serving East China, supporting the whole country and expanding overseas. At present, Chinatelecom Jiangsu call service center has the ability to provide service outsourcing and offshore outsourcing for customers in Jiangsu and even the whole country, and can meet a series of customers' needs, such as product sales, user service, market research, business consulting, e-commerce, remote disaster recovery of call center, etc

building a domestic first-class outsourcing call service center is the specific practice of Jiangsu Telecom to thoroughly implement the strategy of "building Jiangsu into a well-known service outsourcing industry development base at home and abroad" proposed by the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and the provincial government. It aims to expand and strengthen its own specialized call center outsourcing services, provide effective support for the development of the province's service outsourcing industry, and promote the province's "structural adjustment, development promotion, and people's livelihood". Gao Tongqing, party secretary and general manager of Chinatelecom Jiangsu company, said that Chinatelecom Jiangsu call service center will gradually realize the transformation from single voice service to multimedia service, from passive service to active service marketing expansion, and from single product service to comprehensive information service. According to the strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, it will integrate resources, gather strength and professional services, Make new and greater contributions to the development and expansion of the provincial service outsourcing industry. People's post and telegraph

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