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The application status and development prospect of PET bottles in China's tea beverage packaging market (Part 2)

the development prospect of PET bottles in the tea beverage packaging market I. The traditional production technology and main problems of PET bottles

pet bottles have developed rapidly in the competition with other tea beverage packaging materials (glass bottles, tin cans, BOPP bottles, etc.) because of their superior performance, relatively low cost and adaptability to environmental protection, However, its traditional production technology has limited its packaging of tea drinks with high requirements for heat resistance and good requirements for gas barrier and aroma retention. The traditional production technology of tea drinks mainly includes heat-resistant PET bottle hot filling technology and PET bottle quasi high temperature filling technology. The following is a brief analysis of these two processes and existing problems

1. Hot filling technology of heat-resistant PET bottles

this technology is based on the commercialization of heat-resistant PET bottles. It uses hot filling at 85 ~ 95 ℃ and then sterilization of the side bottle cap for 30 ~ 45s to achieve the purpose of fresh preservation. It is a technology widely used in most factories in China. In this technology, the sanitary requirements for PET bottle filling equipment and filling environment are relatively loose, and the process technology is easy to master and operate, but the PET bottle is required to be able to withstand a high temperature of 85 ~ 95 ℃. At present, only a few companies such as ASB in Japan, Sidel in France and krvpp conpoplast in Germany can provide heat-resistant PET bottle production equipment. The equipment and PET bottles produced are expensive. Take 500ml, 32g heat-resistant PET bottles as an example, the price is about 0.70 yuan, while the price of ordinary PET bottles is only about 0.35 yuan. Therefore, although the price of tea drinks in the domestic market is high, However, the high cost of heat-resistant PET bottles still poses a certain obstacle to the expansion and promotion of tea drinks in China

in addition, due to the high filling temperature and the need to maintain a certain period of time, the hot filling technology is not suitable for the production of tea drinks with more reducing substances such as green tea, which will basically oxidize the reducing substances, and the color and taste do not show the corresponding characteristics of green tea. At present, the relevant manufacturers can only use green bottles, and add other auxiliary raw materials, such as flower fragrance and honey flavor, to the green tea drinks as a means of compensation, If pure green tea drinks need to be produced, the hot filling technology also has great weakness

2. PET bottle quasi high temperature filling technology

this technology takes the temperature resistance limit of ordinary PET bottles as the starting point, through the matching filling production line, the requirements of the filling environment and the subsequent process, without adding any preservatives, to achieve the purpose of keeping tea drinks fresh. Because this process still requires relatively high filling temperature, PET bottles need a certain weight, 500ml bottles need more than 33g, and reinforcing ribs need to be set on the bottles, which can reduce the price of PET bottles to about 0.40 yuan

this technology has higher requirements on equipment and production control points than the hot filling process, and the price of bottles is still not the most reasonable data. The hot filling process still has a considerable destructive effect on the quality of green tea that is easy to oxidize

II. Development trend of tea beverage packaging

as tea beverage is a product sensitive to microorganisms, the packaging technology during filling is a great challenge, because the possible microorganisms will lead to the breeding of bacteria and molds, resulting in the deterioration of products. The traditional process technology is the hot filling technology of PET bottles. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the hot filling technology has some shortcomings, such as the taste deterioration caused by the high temperature of the contents of the container for a long time, as well as high equipment requirements, high energy consumption and high cost

the new aseptic cold filling technology of PET bottles has become a new trend in the development of tea beverage packaging because it overcomes some defects of traditional hot filling. This technology does not need to use heavy hot filling materials to ensure the sanitary conditions of the container filling environment. Its main advantages can be summarized as follows:

(1) the packaging materials using the sterile filling technology of PET bottles can use ordinary PET bottles, thus reducing the cost of packaging materials (mainly relative to hot filling), and the cost of packaging materials can be reduced by 1/2 ~ 1/3, It has created an opportunity for enterprises to occupy a place in the fierce beverage market

(2) there is no need to resist the stress changes of PET bottles caused by you after hot filling and cooling. The bottle weight can be reduced to less than 21g, the price of bottles can be reduced to about 0.25 yuan, and the bottle samples can be diversified, which is conducive to the appearance design of packaging

(3) without using preservatives and any other additives, the product can have better freshness, ensure the natural flavor of the product to the greatest extent, ensure the purity and freshness of the product, and provide consumers with the most natural green food

(4) filling at normal temperature can minimize the heating time of the beverage, reduce the loss of vitamins in the product, and the new wall insulation material has more advantages and richer nutrition, maintaining the original flavor of the beverage product

(5) the equipment itself has strict disinfection and sterilization procedures and a 100 grade aseptic filling environment to ensure the aseptic conditions of product packaging

although the aseptic cold filling PET bottle technology has great advantages, the matching filling equipment is an important condition that restricts its technological industrialization. At present, only a few enterprises in Germany, Italy and other countries have developed aseptic PET bottle filling machines abroad. Only uni President Enterprises in China have successfully filled a series of low acid tea drinks in Taipei with the new (rfa-40) sterile PET bottle filling machine developed by Tetra Pak. At present, equipment suppliers and tea beverage manufacturers in China are jointly developing and researching this technology. It is believed that the application of this technology will play a greater role in promoting the further expansion of the tea beverage market in the near future

source of information: Guangdong packaging

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