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Jiangsu Weida makes every effort to promote servo injection and blowing machines

the pioneer and leader in the domestic injection and blowing hollow machinery industry. Jiangsu Weida Machinery Co., Ltd.'s main product MSZ series injection and blowing machines and supporting molds have been highly praised since they were put on the market in 1996, and their market share ranks first in the country, ranking first in China, Russia, Spain, Japan, Brazil Customers in more than 30 countries and regions such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia have provided high-quality products and professional services. The msz60h servo model with higher efficiency, better performance and more convenient operation was introduced at this China plas 2013 exhibition

msz60h servo model has many significant improvements over the original msz60 model: 1. Obvious energy saving effect, about 40% less power than msz60b vane pump drive. 2. Servo control is adopted, and low-speed and low-voltage control are reliable; High repetition accuracy; Low production noise. 3. Mechanical structure improvement: the rotary lifting mechanism is changed to an adjustable type, which simplifies the structure and ensures the accurate lifting height of the tower. The rotary box has more compact structure, more stable operation, long service life, and more convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance. The slewing oil cylinder is equipped with a buffer device, and the slewing action is fast and slow, and the operation is stable. 4. Efficiency improvement: optimize program control, further improve the operation performance of the machine, combined with the improvement of mechanical structure, the production cycle of products is shortened by 15.5%. 5. The operation and maintenance are simple and the safety is improved. 6. Product cleanliness guarantee: optimize the layout of hydraulic oil pipe and protect the oil pipe from friction; Improve the sealing structure of oil cylinder to avoid oil leakage; Design an oil collecting tank and collect oil from BASF. Next year, a new designfabric center will be built in Shanghai to collect oil leakage; Add the liquid level measuring device of the oil tank. In case of aging and damage of the rubber hose due to long-term operation, the equipment will shut down automatically to avoid the impact of hydraulic oil splashing on the sanitation of the workshop, such as differential chemical fiber, new polyamide, aramid fiber for radial tire and other chemical fiber manufacturing industries. Through the above multiple protective measures to ensure the cleanliness of products, it is especially suitable for the production of food and drug packaging containers

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