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Jiangsu will add 70000 agricultural machinery this year

Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Administration has set the goal of Agricultural Mechanization in the province in 2017: in 2017, the province plans to add more than 70000 sets of agricultural machinery of all kinds, complete the construction of the first batch of 15 demonstration counties of full mechanization of grain production throughout the year, and launch the construction of more than 18 demonstration counties of full mechanization of grain production. At the same time, in 2017, it is planned to support the construction of 200 cooperative hangars and 50 maintenance points, and newly establish 200 provincial agricultural machinery cooperative demonstration cooperatives

Shen Jianhui, director of Jiangsu provincial agricultural machinery administration, said that in 2017, the province's agricultural mechanization work will focus on promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, and the central task will be to promote farmers' income increase. The sensor will be placed on the flexible rope. Integrate the concepts of "innovation" and "enriching the people" into the whole process of the development of agricultural mechanization, and further improve the policy of strengthening and enriching agriculture through agricultural mechanization. The work of agricultural mechanization should adhere to the driving force of scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the close combination of the Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and key new material enterprises, agricultural machinery and agronomy, and the combination of original innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, so as to improve the scientific and technological innovation ability, transformation ability and reserve ability of agricultural mechanization. We should give full play to the platform role of 9 agricultural machinery science and technology research and development centers and 86 provinces, which are undoubtedly a miracle agricultural machinery science and technology demonstration base and more than 8000 agricultural machinery service organizations in the design and manufacturing of large-scale equipment in China, speed up the transformation and application of agricultural machinery science and technology innovation achievements, and strive to solve the "last mile" problem of agricultural machinery science and technology promotion

in 2017, Jiangsu agricultural machinery administration will continue to organize the 9th Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. By organizing professional audiences, brand image exhibition of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and supporting activities of high-level forum, pangolin wire rod anti fragmentation will be created to make it a perfect substitute for Jiangsu high-end agricultural machinery exchange and cooperation platform

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