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Taizhou, Jiangsu Province: "12345" service commissioning

"Hello, this is the '12345' government service and account management call center. What can I do for you?" At 9 a.m. yesterday, the "12345" government service began its trial operation and officially opened at the end of June

in the future, as long as citizens remember the number "12345" and call it once, they can get the government's service and help in time, quickly and effectively. The "12345" service implements 24-hour uninterrupted service, and answers citizens' help, advice and suggestions at any time

First: some villagers secretly burned straw

at 9:05 a.m., Mr. Gao, a citizen, scored the first. "Last night, someone burned straw around the municipal government, which smelled of smoke. Today, there is still a residual smell. I hope the relevant departments can check it." Mr. Gao said

"OK, have you reported this problem to relevant departments before?" Operator zhaiyueqing wrote as he spoke. "Yes, but it seems that despite repeated prohibitions, some villagers still burn secretly." Mr. Gao said that it was suggested that relevant departments should learn from the practice of Changzhou and introduce long-term management measures to completely solve the problem of burning straw. "OK, thank you for calling. We will transfer your questions and suggestions to the relevant departments as soon as possible and reply to you. Gbt4340.1 ⑴ 999 metallic Vickers hardness test Part 1 Test Method" zhaiyueqing said. "This kind of consultation and suggestion should be completed and replied within 3 to 5 working days according to the handling requirements." Zhaiyueqing told

a foreign citizen tried to dial and solved the problem

at 9:20 a.m., the service received a call from a foreign citizen. "Hello, is it government service? I'm from Zhangjiagang and now in Taizhou. Is there a Jiangling 4S store in your auto city? I can't find it." "Don't worry, I'll check it. Will you be back later?" After receiving the help, the operator at No. 204 dialed 114 to inquire. After finding the 4S store number, he dialed Mr. Zhang to inform him

"I didn't expect the service efficiency of Taizhou government to be so high." Mr. Zhang said that he didn't know that the government service in Taizhou had just been put into trial operation. Because he had any difficulties in Suzhou, he tried to dial "12345", but he didn't expect to solve the problem

there is a small mirror on each operator's desk

notice that there is a small mirror on each operator's desk. "That's to remind the operators to always keep smiling." "12345" service monitor jinlili said. "No matter how long the call lasts, the operator should be patient and enthusiastic." Jinlili told that since April 25, 22 operators have received training in various aspects, including service etiquette, business consulting, scenario simulation, and strive to "respond to requests and answer questions". "In all training, the etiquette of customer service personnel is the most important." Jinlili said that for this reason, a civilized language manual was specially issued, requiring each operator to have an affinity for his voice. "Citizens will fight only when they encounter problems, and most of them will not be in a good mood. If the operator is no longer patient with the reception, it will only intensify the contradiction."

202 valid answers in 9 hours

from 9 a.m. yesterday to 6 p.m. last night, the service answered 287 citizens, of which 202 were valid. The problems reported by citizens cover urban construction, road transportation, social security and other aspects

"if the operator can reply on the spot by querying the knowledge base, he can reply on the spot; if he cannot reply, he can initiate a three-party conversation and ask the relevant departments to help answer; if he cannot reply in a short time, we will send an electronic work order to urge the relevant departments to solve the problem within the specified time in the composition of the instrument: host, electronic displacement meter, fixture, calibration appliance and software." The responsible comrade of the supervision office of the municipal government office said

"85 of the answers were mistakenly typed." The person in charge of the supervision office of the municipal government office told that 70 of them were mistakenly hit by the same child. I hope parents can educate children well and don't mistakenly hit

the person in charge said that at present, the "12345" government service is still in the trial operation stage, and the "12345" system has a running in period, which is inevitably not smooth enough. Due to the complex and many problems of people's calls, and the problem answer is not as simple as 114 and other consultations, the telephone operator needs to query the knowledge base, input the work to install the tension (compression) force sensor list, connect the three-party call, etc., and it takes about 5 minutes to solve a problem on average, so sometimes it will be impossible to get in. I hope the general public can understand and cooperate. Taizhou

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