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Pingshan robot industrial park will be basically completed by the end of 2020. On the 16th of this month, Nico gualerzi, technical director of Italy's gamma meccanica company, introduced the company's extruded board production line and automatic recycling device technology. The 17th high tech Fair will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. In recent days, another good news came, "Pingshan Julong wisdom Valley" officially became Guangdong Province's "2015 provincial and municipal co construction strategic emerging industry base"

according to relevant plans, the robot industry will become the breakthrough of the intelligent manufacturing demonstration base in the new area. The robot industrial park will be basically completed by the end of 2020, realizing an industrial output value of 50billion yuan

in the future, it will become the world of robots, and intelligence will become a hot word

the robot industrial park will be basically completed by the end of 2020

with the development vision of building an internationally leading and domestic first-class "robot industry demonstration base", gather industrial resources and scientific research elements in the global robot field, and spare no effort to promote the rapid and healthy development of the robot industry in Pingshan new area, so as to build Pingshan into a world of global smart makers, a home for robots, and a paradise for creators

this is the goal proposed in the recently released industrial development plan of Guangdong intelligent manufacturing demonstration base () (robot industry demonstration base Shenzhen Pingshan)

it is understood that according to the relevant planning, the robot industry park in the new area will strive to achieve initial results by 2017, and will be basically completed by the end of 2020. It will form a three-dimensional industrial pattern of intelligent industrial robots that takes robot technology as the core and focuses on key projects to promote the structural layout of the whole industrial chain of intelligent industrial robots, and will be promoted step by step and in stages to form an industry-oriented and in-depth development of intelligent industrial robots. Promote the healthy and orderly development of China's industrial robot industry and technology

the industrial output value will be 50 billion yuan, and the robot industry will strive to achieve an average annual growth of more than 20%. Cultivate and gather more than 10 internationally renowned technology-leading enterprises and research institutions to achieve effective convergence and in-depth cooperation of innovative resources and elements, establish a relatively perfect public service certification and testing system for robot design, R & D, testing, testing, verification, certification and accreditation, organize and implement more than 10 major industrialization projects, and attract academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of robotics The high-end talent teams such as the thousand talents plan come to the new area to provide services for the development of the robot industry in the new area in various forms, cultivate and bring up a number of leading talents with international influence, and build the new area into an internationally leading robot scientific research and innovation center and a world-renowned robot industry agglomeration base

"the robot industry in Pingshan new area will concentrate all forces and resources, form industrial characteristics and development advantages, aim at the high-end links of the robot value chain, and focus on the development of key areas such as' integrated application of robot systems', 'intelligent manufacturing of service robots' and' research, development and production of components and key parts'." According to the relevant person in charge of the economic service bureau of the new area, the new area will be based on the development foundation of the base, and it is not appropriate to integrate the industrial resources of the new area in China for the time being to focus on the distribution of hydrostatic transmission research and development in supporting large-scale earth moving and lifting machinery, follow the principle of "combination of distribution and collection", and overall layout in the form of "one valley and three areas"

the industrial chain has three core functional areas

according to the plan, the robot industry demonstration base is located in Julong mountain area of the new area. The base is adjacent to Xiamen Shenzhen railway (near Danzi Avenue section) in the north, Lanjing road in the west, Jinniu East Road in the south, and Pingshan national biological industry base in Shenzhen in the East. The total area of the demonstration base is 772.38 hectares, of which 322.66 hectares have been developed

in the specific development, we will strive to build the robot industry demonstration base into an internationally leading and domestic first-class "Julong smart Valley" and three core functional areas divided into South, North and west areas

the south area is positioned as the robot system integration function area, which will take Jiashi technology as the core and mainly undertake the grafting project and upgrading project of robot system integration and application. Support the existing high-quality enterprises to carry out horizontal cooperation, or introduce or jointly build, through technological innovation or business model innovation, aim at the high-end links of the value chain, focus on the development of R & D and design, scheme provision, business services, marketing, after-sales services and other productive services, and promote the connotative development of robot system integration and application

located in the intelligent manufacturing function area of service robots, North District will take rapoo technology as the core and mainly undertake the acceptance and incubation projects of service robots. Relying on the high-quality products of the enterprise, taking advantage of the brand effect, and taking "demonstration application" as the focus and breakthrough, actively carry out the demonstration and promotion of service robots in typical fields such as education, transportation, logistics, home furnishing, life and health, medical treatment, etc., seize the international and domestic high-end market, drive the large-scale development of industrial applications, improve the level of robot industry in the new area, and expand the development influence of robot industry in the new area

with Glenda as the core, the western district will mainly undertake the supporting projects of components and key components. Focus on strengthening the manufacturing foundation, focus on the basic parts, basic processes and basic materials of intelligent equipment, and focus on breaking through the common key technologies such as intelligent sensing, intelligent control and information processing, as well as the core technologies of key components such as intelligent miniaturized sensors, modular embedded control systems, highly reliable intelligent controls and servo drives, promote industrialization projects, and focus on the research and development of MEMS sensors, high-sensitivity intelligent instruments High performance servo drive motor and other core intelligent measurement and control devices and components. Vigorously promote the wide application of intelligent measurement and control devices and components in robot integrated applications, service robots, smart homes and other intelligent products

seven goals for the development of robot industry

● robot system integration and application grafting project

by 2020, we will strive to achieve the international advanced level in the field of robot system integration and application, and build Pingshan new area into a national enterprise headquarters Center for robot integrated application, a research and Development Center for key parts, a manufacturing center, and an integrated application education, training, and research center

● robot system integrated application upgrading project

combined with the new development trend of robot system integrated application, enterprises are encouraged to actively expand the field of integrated application engineering services, deepen the connotation of integrated application engineering services, optimize the procurement structure of external automation products, and constantly expand the factory automation market and process automation market

● service robot acceptance project

closely combine the development trend of the industry and the industrial foundation of the new area, plan and build a robot industrial park, that is, strengthen the warehousing inspection of raw materials; In production, the same product shall be produced with masterbatch and color masterbatch of the same manufacturer and brand as far as possible; Intelligent manufacturing function area of chromophore service robot

● service robot incubation project

cultivate and incubate service robot enterprises in the new area, and gradually form relevant product technical standards. In combination with the economic development of the new area, we will focus on cultivating service robot enterprises in the fields of family services, medical and health care, and special services. Actively participate in the formulation of service robot industry standards, and implement the Shenzhen intellectual property protection strategy

● components and key components support project

by 2020, the design and production capacity of components and key components in the new area will play an important role in Shenzhen, the supporting capacity of intelligent measurement and control devices and components will be significantly enhanced, and a number of well-known brands with core independent intellectual property rights will be formed, providing strong support for the development of intelligent equipment industries such as robot integrated applications and service robots in the new area

● major application demonstration and promotion project

by 2020, we will continue to increase the use density of robots in various fields in the new area, create a universal and standardized service robot application platform, and gradually achieve intelligent production and intelligent life

● intelligent upgrading project of traditional industries

by 2020, we will build a number of demonstration enterprises for intelligent transformation of traditional industries, significantly improve the intelligence level of key manufacturing processes and manufacturing processes, and take the automation, intelligence and modern management level of the advantageous traditional industries in the new area to a new level

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