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Pingshan Jindian provides high-quality glassware

our company is a key immigration enterprise in the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station Reservoir area of the Three Gorges company. It began full construction in the year of construction of UPVC pipe fittings for drainage. It was completed in July 2014 and entered the trial production stage. The company has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is located at the confluence of the three rivers (Yangtze River, Jinsha River and Minjiang River) in Yibin, a leading city of the Yangtze River

the company adopts internationally advanced all electric melting furnace type and mature melting production process, which is an industry encouraged by the state. Now there are two 16.5m2 electric melting furnaces, each of which is equipped with four pressing lines with different specifications (8, 10, 12, 16 stations) and one manual picking line, which can produce various high-end crystal white pressing products and manual picking products with different models and specifications. This paper introduces the improvement of the horizontal tensile testing machine calibration device

the company is located in the reservoir area of Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station of Three Gorges company, with stable production power supply

the company has strong technical force, with 6 professional engineers and 36 professional technicians. Since the trial production, the material color of the product is crystal clear, dazzling, and the production technology is constantly improved. It can undertake high-end crystal white products of different models and specifications, such as pressing and manual picking. We sincerely invite all customers to come to the company to negotiate business. Mr. duyong, chairman of the company, and all employees will welcome you at the beautiful bank of Minjiang River

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