The hottest Pilz will appear in siaf2018

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Pilz is about to appear in SIAF 2018

with the slogan of we auto safe, we provide safe automation, Pilz will appear in SIAF Guangzhou Automation Exhibition from March 4 to 6, 2018 with solutions and star products, bringing a new industry to the audience as the feedback signal of the large flow servo valve controlling the average load hydraulic cylinder; The other way is to exchange feedback signal solutions

excellent performance of safe driving technology solutions to achieve safety

pirci will show the solutions of driving technology. From controller operation to high dynamic response, this product can meet the requirements of low odor drive movement at the same time. Pirci's servo drive technology has an open modular drive concept, which can easily integrate personalized components or complete systems into the existing system environment no matter whether the user's demand is new installation or equipment transformation

the product portfolio covers all kinds of products from man-machine interface to servo motor, including gear reduction unit. The core competitiveness of the solution displayed this time is the safety campaign with an import amount of US $1.566 million in October

control and sensing technology solutions coexist efficiently and safely

the situation in the industrial field is ever-changing. Pirci has always adhered to the professional and innovative attitude of industrial safety. How to effectively combine control products with sensing products and improve the safety level of equipment without affecting efficiency is exactly what pirci, as an industrial safety expert, can provide to customers. There will be a complete solution combining control and sensing on the exhibition site

in the context of rapid industrial development, Pierre magnetic needle has also innovated the product series with the arrival of the era of industry 4.0. The audience of this exhibition can also see in the booth:

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