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Qinghai new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot project approved for implementation

recently, the first new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot project in the western region of Qinghai Province - the multi-element comprehensive utilization and recycling project of invalid lithium-ion batteries was approved and officially implemented in Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone

according to the requirements of the notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology and other national ministries and commissions on the pilot implementation plan for the recycling of new energy vehicle power batteries, in order to effectively improve the recycling capacity of waste power batteries in the province, promote the construction of recycling system, and accelerate the development of circular economy with strong economy and friendly resources and environment, the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, in conjunction with the relevant functional departments of the Department of science and technology in the province, Actively declare that Qinghai Kuailu High Tech Co., Ltd. will implement the pilot project, and timely prepare the "Qinghai new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot implementation plan" and submit it to the Ministry of industry and information technology

this time, the new energy vehicle power battery hook reviewed and approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology is the most common pilot project for the collection and utilization of lifting appliances, with a total of 7 pilot projects, and only our province in the western region has been approved and implemented. The pilot project focuses on the effective recycling and standardized utilization of waste power batteries. China is willing to cooperate with Mongolia within the framework of the Asian infrastructure investment bank and so on, and give full play to the channel advantages of new energy vehicle enterprises in the sales, maintenance and recycling of waste power batteries, the technical advantages of battery production enterprises in the processing of waste power batteries, and the demand advantages of echelon Utilization Enterprises in the efficient utilization of waste power batteries, Recycling enterprises' technical advantages in dealing with waste power batteries, through the joint action of "government + market", promote the collaboration and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, and strive to build a closed-loop ecosystem of power batteries. At the same time, the implementation of the pilot project will extend the lithium battery industry chain, improve the added value of products, significantly reduce the accuracy of 0.5 level, more ensure the testing accuracy of customers, reduce the production cost of enterprises, drive the rapid development of surrounding upstream and downstream supporting industries, accelerate the construction of the recycling system of retired power batteries of regional new energy vehicles, and promote the research and development of comprehensive utilization technology of waste power batteries and the transformation of industrial achievements, Promote the healthy and orderly development of power battery recycling industry in our province and surrounding areas, build a green cycle closed industrial chain, and play an active role in promoting

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