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Lindco Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of bonding products. It has long been committed to the production and research of self-adhesive materials for labels in the fields of building materials, automobiles, electrical appliances, medicine, food, daily necessities, cosmetics, office automation equipment and other fields, as well as the development and manufacture of label printing machines, in line with the social training of "sincerity and creation", With deep industry experience and strong technical strength, we meet the various needs of users in all fields of the Chinese market with high-tech content and high-quality products

in 1974, lindco's predecessor, Buer Paper Industry Co., Ltd., first introduced the self-adhesive label printing machine to China and was first introduced by Wuxi printing factory of Jiangsu foreign trade. Lindco (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., which is 100% invested by Japan lindco, has officially put into production self-adhesive label materials and engineering paper for synthetic leather in January 2004. Since then, lindco has become a company that not only sells self-adhesive label printing machines, but also produces and sells non adhesive materials in the Chinese market

nowadays, the development of China's economy has attracted the attention of the world, and foreign-funded enterprises have also invested in the Chinese market. Self adhesive materials begin to involve more extensive and deeper application fields. Demand is also gradually diversifying. As the leading company in the production of self-adhesive label materials, various special film products can meet the special needs of people who need self-adhesive materials in various fields with their special properties

next, two special membrane products produced by lindco are introduced

1. Heat resistant labels

labels used in electronic products, integrated circuits, heating elements, car boot covers, etc., need to have excellent heat resistance. Not only does its surface substrate and adhesive need to have heat resistance that is not easy to shrink and deform when exposed to heat, but also it must have good transfer properties when printing under high temperature conditions. Therefore, this puts forward very strict quality requirements for labels. According to the different requirements for heat resistance, lindco provides users with three different material combinations, which are composed of surface substrates (polyimide film, polyether imide film, polyester film) and two special adhesives (propylene adhesive and silicone adhesive) to meet the needs of various applications, such as baking treatment, and engineering management labels for products under ultra-high temperature conditions of 1000 ~ 300 C, The most suitable combination is polyimide film and special silicone adhesive

2. Label for tires

in the process of tire production, softeners are added to maintain the softness of tires. Anti aging agent and other components. In addition, because the tire surface has anti-skid grooves called "driving curve", and there may be many beard shaped protrusions formed by the corresponding positive and negative material suppliers of each model during sulfur molding, the concave convex of the tire surface will reduce the adhesion of general bonding materials. In response to this situation, lindco has developed a film with good shading property that has a surface substrate with good adhesion and will not reveal the background color. At the same time, it is matched with an ultra thick special adhesive that is easy to adhere to rough surfaces and has strong adhesion. This kind of adhesive can penetrate into the concave surface of the tire for firm adhesion, and can block the flowing softener, so that the label is not easy to separate

nowadays, the leading product pet series of lindco and the existence of these problems make China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. Yupo synthetic paper label material series have obtained UL and other certifications, and are widely used in home appliances, office, electronic machinery, medical devices and other high-end industrial products. In response to the growing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection series materials developed and produced by lindco are also generally applicable to the outer packaging of medicine, cosmetics, daily necessities, food, etc. Moreover, lpm-300, the printing equipment produced by lindco (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd., which is the most suitable for China's current 1000 glue printing market, is more convenient. Flexible, high-speed and high-quality features are favored by users everywhere

the development of self-adhesive materials and engineering paper series products, as the two wheels of lindco's development, will give full play to the industry and do everything possible to provide them with products with stable quality

the film returned from printing technology is suitable for making all kinds of garbage bags, etc.

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